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Summer 2014 Wind Turbine Newsletter


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The Municipality of Central Huron has added its name to a growing list of municipalities that do not want to host wind energy projects in the province...

86 & growing!
townships and counties in Ontario have already passed specific resolutions saying they are NOT “willing host communities” for wind turbines.... more

COUNCILS HAVE PASSED RESOLUTIONS, MOTIONS, AND BYLAWS regarding industrial wind turbine development and the Green Energy and Economy Act of Ontario... more

Leaseholders Not Renewing!

... more

Property Assessment
Turbines = Decreased Property Value.

Give MPAC notice, and request your tax
... more

OFA calls on government to suspend wind turbine development in Ontario
... more

Reveal that Liberal Government
Knew of Adverse Health Effects of Turbines...


Cost and Emissions of Darlington vs wind and solar
... more

Court asked to stop construction of huge Ontario wind farm

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In the summer of 2010 my wife decided it would be a good idea to go to Dashwood Ontario and visit an informational open house put on by NextEra Energy that showed their plans for the implementation of new industrial wind facilities in our general area. Since we had seen some installations of these turbines near Shelburne Ontario and had a rather negative first impression of them, off we went to Dashwood. Immediately, many concerns surfaced about this whole issue.

Subsequently we learned of a meeting to be held in Clinton Ontario on September 16, 2010 put on by a group called ‘Central Huron Against Turbines’ (CHAT for short) and another group called ‘Huron East Against Turbines’ (HEAT for short). We decided to attend this meeting and it was a real ‘eye opener’. There were over 800 people gathered in a large horse barn who all seemed to share major concerns about these wind turbines being introduced into their rural neighbourhoods. They had three excellent speakers who included Dr. Robert McMurtry from Prince Edward County who was and still is a very learned and respected advocate for proper studies and consideration for health issues arising from the proximity to wind turbines.

Our concerns and interest were now elevated to the point that we felt we had to learn more about this issue and do what we could to assist those who were fighting to protect their health and way of life.

Thus, began our long involvement in researching and studying the impact of wind turbines on our Ontario neighbours. The more we learned, the more interesting the issue became until much time was spent each day reading the overwhelming amount of information on wind energy and following the efforts of so many others who were passionately speaking out against the heavy handed way in which industrial wind turbines were being forced on rural communities.

It should be noted that we are not directly affected by the placement of turbines in that we will not see them from our home or experience some of the negative effects of those who have to reside in the shade of these installations. Our concern is for the overall impact on everyone in Ontario and the future of the province.
The pictures included with this report are current and are all in Bruce County north of Kincardine.

All comments or criticisms that refer to the Ontario Liberals are not intended to be political in nature but are directed against specific actions and decisions that were made by the governing party at that time.

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If you are experiencing disturbed living conditions and/or noise & health problems since the start up of wind turbines near your home.

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Speak UP
Have your Say
... email your MP/MPP or Local Media.

TELL Tell the MNR They have Gone Too Far! Nextera Corp. destroys the nest of Bald Eagles - species of special concern to make way for a wind turbine...

Top Ontario official to testify about Wind Power Health Risks


WIND TURBINES: The discoveries of native activity could affect massive energy projects in South Western Ontario

... more

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